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Omi's Apfelstrudel

Who would have ever thought about this before! An apple strudel to drink!? And this made by grandma…?! Yes you know how it is sometimes, the most simple ideas are the ones that write history! That's what exactly happened with "Omi's apple strudel fruit juice", an crazy idea founded by four creative minds who celebrated together on a company´s celebration in the heart of styria in leoben. The idea was to create a drink which is vegan, without any preservatives, without any added coloring but the pure natural sweetness of the fruits... and we made it! Since the start 2014, grandma is conquering the world and is being sold now in more then 19 countries. We have been mentioned already twice in the american wall street journal. We also have had an appearance in the US television program of FOX Business where was mentioned that we should reach soon a cult status. Whether in chicago, graz or even seoul in the far east… your grandma is always there for all of you grandchildren and she loves you. It is something for the whole family because of it´s delicious and pure natural taste, whether you drink it cold or even hot ... or with a little shot for grandpa. You always can rely on grandma !

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Omi's Marillenknödel

Grandma, grandma please give us a new flavor! Ok... and since your grandma simply can not resist if her grandchild ask for something, she went back to her small kitchen to brew a new drink... or maybe she had to bake it? ;-) Who knows, but anyway, after the big success of "Omi's apple strudel", the expectations got quite high, and we didn´t know if we can fulfill these expectations but of course our grandma is very creative and she was thinking what her grandchildren would like to have next. After sufficient research and a few days of brewing and baking it was done… the first feedbacks were "omitastic" ... Omi's Marillenknödel was born! Such a gorgeous color and what a glorious doughy taste. With a big bang, this new flavor was available national wide in austria and germany. And you look up our social media platforms you can notice that our grandchildren can not get enough from it. Obviously no one can say no to the most refreshing apricot dumplings juice in the world. Crazy, stunning, Omi !

#omismarillenknoedel #vegan #yumyum #lecker